Fi Dog Collar – GPS Tracker For Dogs

Fi Dog Collar – GPS Tracker For Dogs

Fi Dog Collar – GPS Tracker For Dogs ,I recently had the opportunity to spend some time hands-on with the Fi smart dog collar and decided to write up a full review based upon my testing. While smart collars have been around for several years, the limiting factor, in my opinion, was always their short battery life. Thankfully, the technology has greatly improved on this front as you see in my review below.

As a consumer, you should expect any modern smart dog collar to include features like GPS tracking and activity monitoring. However, the real-world application and use are what really sets them apart. While I can’t say that I’m an expert on every smart dog collar on the market, I can say that I was thoroughly impressed with the Fi smart dog collar.

To be completely upfront – the Fi team loaned me a collar for testing purposes. I was not paid to write a review or given free product in exchange for writing this article.

Now that the boring disclaimer is out of the way, let’s jump in and take a look at the categories that I included for my evaluation of the Fi collar. I’ll use a one to five scale, with five being the best possible rating.

Fi Dog Collar GPS Tracker For Dogs
Fi Dog Collar – GPS Tracker For Dogs

Feature Highlights:

Customer Service:

  • We ordered the Fi collar for both Lillie and Reggie but it turned out that their M size was too large. We reached out to the Fi team to return the collars and were pleasantly surprised when they invited us to come into their office (we live close by) and get custom collars for the dogs instead.
  • In-depth help and FAQ section on their site and through the app that has answered all my questions so far

Long battery life:

  • The company says that it uses a low-power LTE signal because it allows them to preserve the battery life, and that you should be able to get three to four months out of a single charge, provided you aren’t toggling the “lost dog mode,” which prompts the system to ping its location a bit more frequently, and thus uses more power. I ended up testing the mode a couple of times, and it apparently burns through the battery, because I’ve had to recharge the collar on its dock at least twice in the seven weeks I’ve been testing it.
fi dog collar

Application has built-in goal of 10,000 steps one day, the same as what most fitness trackers seem to recommend as a goal as a normal people

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